Getting Around

The AUIB campus is 1007 Iraqi donums in size (about 622 acres), so you can expect to do a lot of walking during your studies! While that is great exercise, it can be a bit much during the summer or if you’re running late for class, so AUIB will have its own transportation network to help you out.

From the first day of classes, you can expect to have shuttle buses running from the parking lot to the English Language Academy and other stops as needed. Please keep in mind, though, that students and visitors will not normally be allowed to drive their cars on campus as we want to keep it very safe and comfortable for walking. As more of our colleges open, residence halls open, and other facilities become available, we will expand the bus line as needed.

In addition, we expect to have water taxis at a later date! Since there are many lakes and canals throughout the campus, water taxis will provide a more leisurely way to get about campus or just relax with a “midday cruise” after class. Available routes with posted stops for both buses and water taxis will be available at all times to keep students and guests informed about their options for getting around campus. Enjoy these free transportation options whenever the campus is open!

بوابة التخصصات