AUIB Campus

The AUIB campus fulfills the vision of its founders as a true American-style university campus that is efficient, environmentally responsible, beautiful, and conducive to study through its quiet, tree-lined lanes, state-of-the-art classrooms, comfortable environs, and aesthetically pleasing views. Whether a student is sitting in a classroom with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake, or sitting in the food court with friends, relaxing on a terrace with a cup of tea while enjoying the cool breezes coming off the water, or riding to class on one of the shuttle buses or water taxis, every AUIB student will quickly come to think of the campus as their campus, their home away from home. Indeed, the wonderful years spent learning and growing here will be with every graduate for life.

On almost any American college campus, every effort is made to make the campus beautiful, relaxing, and conducive to study and intellectual development. Calm, quiet library spaces where individual students can concentrate on their studies, public spaces that are pleasing to the eye where students can meet their friends and relax and socialize together, long walks around campus that allow for quiet time to reflect and meditate - in other words, the college campus should be an oasis of calm where students can forget about their cares, enjoying their studies and participating in the excitement of campus life.

The AUIB campus, as the university’s name reflects, is both Iraqi and American. The outer architectural style is Iraqi, as are the many Arabesque designs seen throughout the building interiors. Yet it is also American in the efficient classroom organization, the way the library and food courts are arranged, and in the academic environment that is created throughout the campus to encourage study and learning.

Like any campus in America, AUIB is developing facilities for sports and recreation, food courts that will serve a variety of foods, both Arabic and international, residence halls so students can live on campus to get the most out of their college experience, and green areas to bring nature to campus everywhere possible. With expansive lakes, thousands of palm trees and other varieties of trees, grassy areas, and beautiful landscaping with countless flowers adorning the walkways and gardens throughout, the AUIB student will be surrounded by beauty and nature at its finest. Even on the hottest days of summer, students will be able to relax in air conditioned spaces throughout the campus, and enjoy the shade of lakeside terraces and balconies as they have their tea and snacks with their friends between classes or at the end of their day.

As the campus reconstruction continues the transition to an American-style university in the heart of Iraq, the founders and designers are putting the interests, comfort, and needs of students first above everything else. Whether a building becomes a food court, a library, a classroom building, or an office, the first question asked is always, “How can we make this better for our students?” The AUIB campus is for you - we hope you will think of it as “your home away from home” as you consider spending the next several years of your life studying here!


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