Career Services

Career Services is a vital part of the AUIB student’s education. As part of the American education experience, the student explores career options that are not only available to them, but that they will also find fulfilling and challenging. It is our hope that through your AUIB experience, you will find a career that engages both your mind and your passion.

Career development is a lifelong process of exploration, education, and experience that begins the very first time you are asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The key word here is “want.” What do you want to be? An American education allows you to explore your options, to explore different subjects, and find the career that you will find most engaging.

The Career Services team works for you. We help by connecting you with the resources and skills you need to drive your career development. We work with you to prepare you to make the best possible presentation of yourself to companies that offer internships and summer jobs while you are in school, and career positions after you graduate. In other words, we help you be the best you can be and to present yourself in the best possible light.

In addition, Career Services unit will hold “Job Fairs” and “Internship Fairs” from time to time for students so they can meet with representatives of Iraqi and international companies that are hiring and need skills our students will have.

Here are some of the services available to every AUIB student:

Exploration: You may not realize it yet, but there could be careers out there that are perfect for you that you have not even considered! To help you identify your options, we offer personality and skills assessments, career coaching, and mentoring opportunities to help you explore career options to find your best fit.

Education: We also offer workshops, presentations, resume reviews, and interview tips and practice to help you prepare for a professional career environment.

Experience:  Access valuable opportunities to gain professional experience by attending our job fairs, seeking internships, and applying for full- or part-time employment.

Obtaining an AUIB education is your first and most important step to a rewarding career and lifelong learning that will challenge and enrich you for many years to come. Your success is our success!

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