Residence Halls

While AUIB does not presently have residence halls for students to live on-campus, dormitories construction is to begin presently with the goal of having residence halls ready for move-in as soon as possible. When completed, these halls will provide many students with safe, secure, affordable, quality housing that will allow them to live on campus in a manner that will please both students and their parents.

The separate-sex residence halls, fully equipped with cafes, lounges, recreation rooms, kitchens on every floor, and common areas, will allow students to live in a community of peers sharing the AUIB experience. Since the American education experience often requires group study and team projects, living on-campus facilitates the academic experience as well, even allowing students to sleep in later because they do not have to drive to campus and deal with commuting.

The cost of living in a residence hall will be roughly equivalent to living in a rented apartment in the city. With on-campus dining options, and kitchens available in the halls, students will not need to leave campus.

In many ways, living on campus will enrich your AUIB education, so consider our residence halls! You will find both the experience and the convenience well worth the cost in enriching your time at AUIB

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