Academic Writing Center (AWC)

Academic Writing Center is committed to supporting Undergraduate students at all levels of proficiency. Our one-on-one sessions provide personalized assistance to help students develop their writing skills, clarify their ideas, and refine their written work.

Sessions are:

  1. 30 Minutes.
  2. One-on-one between AWC tutor and student.
  3. In Building 67 (Student Service). Office 100

How to Schedule a Session?

  1. To book your session use your AUIB email and click here to fill out the information. 
  2. After booking, please email a typed copy of your writing to [email protected] or bring your writing with you to the session.
  3. Please use the Microsoft Bookings link sent to your email to get information about when and where to meet your AWC tutor. 
  4. Tutors will go over the writing piece and guide you in corrections you need to make at the meeting.   

No-Shows: Please be considerate of our services and other students by canceling or rescheduling your session at least 12 hours in advance, using the link above. Also, being more than 15 minutes late without notification is considered a no-show, and the session is forfeited to other students.

AWC Provided Services

  1. Guidance with proofreading writing projects across all disciplines, programs, & genres
  2. Help with any stage of the writing process e.g., brainstorming, thesis statement, citation, etc.
  3. Improving short-term outcomes (papers), & long-term outcomes (critical reading, thinking, & writing skills)


Services We DON’T Provide

  1. We will not fix the paper for you but guide you on how you can fix it yourself! While the AWC Coordinator will help you recognize patterns of grammatical, organizational, content, or punctuation errors, it is the student’s responsibility to use the tutor’s feedback in the revision and proofreading process.
  2. Writing students’ papers for them.
  3.  Predicting or re-evaluating assignment grades.


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