Student Activities

One of the hallmarks of an American education is the experience and learning you do outside the classroom through optional activities on campus. At AUIB, student organizations are a vital part of your learning experience and we encourage you to get involved!

Are you into sports? Do you have hobbies or other activities you enjoy in your spare time? If so, you will surely find other students at AUIB who enjoy the same things! In sports, for example, AUIB will organize “intramural” teams that will play against each other on campus. Soccer teams and basketball teams, for example, will be organized to represent the different colleges, departments, or other groups and they will play against each other on campus, culminating in a championship game! Eventually, we will have university teams that will play against other universities in the region. Other sports may also be included, depending on the interests that students show. Will you wear the red AUIB shirt and represent your university in sports?

The first phase of our sports program is ready for you with outdoor athletic courts for basketball and soccer. Soon, we will have athletic playing fields, a sports stadium, and an indoor sports arena under construction that will be ready well before you graduate. Start training now to join AUIB Sports!

For example, AUIB encourages students to work through Student Government to bring issues of importance to students to AUIB’s leadership. By running for election and participating in democratic student government, you will have the opportunity to participate actively in representing your fellow students to the university’s administration, to ensuring that the student voice is heard on issues of importance to students, and to making a positive difference in the student experience at AUIB through direct involvement in university governance. Such experience is great for developing the leadership and organizational skills you will need in later years as you advance in your career, whether in government or in the private sector.

If Student Government is not your goal, you might consider volunteering both on and off campus to make your communities better. AUIB needs Student Ambassadors who can meet with prospective students and their families to talk about the American education experience and to help them decide if AUIB is the right choice for them. Volunteer opportunities in offices around campus provide real-world work experience that can be valuable in getting internships and jobs off campus. Likewise, volunteer opportunities working with charities and NGOs in Baghdad and around Iraq can also provide opportunities for experience and skill-building that will help you in applying for graduate study in the U.S. and other countries, for jobs with international NGOs and companies, or for careers in government.

Finally, there are clubs catering to special interests that will be available as students organize them. For example, many universities in the U.S. have clubs for hiking, mountain climbing, tennis and other sports, or just about any interest student want to pursue. If you think there is interest in a particular activity, feel free to suggest it and take a leadership role in organizing a club for that activity and we will work with you to make it happen.

An American education is about the whole person, not just training for a specific career. To get the well-rounded American education experience and make new friends, look for opportunities to serve in Student Government, volunteer on or off campus, or join like-minded peers in a fun activity. You’ll be glad you did!

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