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What is WorldCat Discovery?

AUIB Library uses WorldCat Discovery which allows AUIB community to access all library resources, including the Library Catalog, the subscribed databases and the selected open access collection, on and off campus on a log in basis.

How do I find resources on WorldCat Discovery?

Library resources are found and retrieved through two options:

Option one: Basic Searching

  • Go to AUIB Library main page:
  • Type one or more keywords into the search box. e.g.: title of a book; or an author’s name or one or more subject terms…etc.
  • Hit Enter or click on the Red Search button.
  • The system will take a moment to search both the library catalog and the e-resources collection. By default, results will appear according to Best Match, always listing AUIB Library’s holdings only.
  • You may refine your search to obtain more precise results. For this, use the option “Refine your search” on the top left of the screen. You can refine your search results by format, type, publication year, language …etc.


You can immediately access e-resources including books, articles, videos…etc. by clicking the View e-resource button. In addition, you will see details about the availability of a print copy and its location. Write down the Classification number on a piece of paper and grab the book from the stacks… then follow the circulation procedures in case you want to borrow that book. In addition, you can cite, link, email and save the item you retrieved to My items button (top right of the screen). Here you can keep a list of books you have read or not read.

Using Boolean Operators in basic searching:

Use the following Boolean operators for combining search terms to narrow or broaden searches:

AND (capital letters) finds all terms anywhere in a record. You can use the plus sign + between spaces in place of AND.

OR (Capital letters) finds any single term or all terms anywhere in a record.

NOT (Capital letters) excludes the term that follows it from the search results. You can use the minus sign – between spaces in place of NOT.

Option two: Advanced Searching

Advanced Search option allows searching in more than one field. For instance, you may search for a specific book or article written by a particular author or published in a precise year. There you can combine your search into more than one filed. You can limit your search by format of materials and publication date… etc. In addition, you deselect or exclude databases from the results of your search.

Using Boolean Operators in advanced searching:

Select Boolean operators for combining search terms in tow fields or more to narrow or broaden search result:

AND: Finds the search terms in the specified fields in the same document.

OR: Finds any or all the search terms in the selected fields in the same document.

NOT: Excludes document which has any of the search terms appearing after NOT from the search resul.


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