Dare to Dream

Campaign for the American University of Iraq - Baghdad


Iraq - a country like no other

Home to the world oldest continuously inhabited city.Epicenter of Arab and Islamic culture, with an incredibly rich Jewish and Christian history. Scholarship hub over many centuries, contributing to the Renaissance in Europe. Today, Iraq is undergoing its own Renaissance,a reemergence on the world scene led by young Iraqi men and women who are globally active and connected, while remaining firmly rooted in Iraq unique cultures and values.


Advancing Knowledge, Transforming Lives

Iraq future depends on a dynamic world-class environment for young Iraqis to learn, grow,and transform their dreams and aspirations into reality.AUIB brand-new comprehensive university in Baghdad where the next generation of Iraqi leaders is receiving the best education and training in the world.


A Comprehensive American-Style University Located in Baghdad

Founded in 2018, AUIB accepted its first students in 2021 and has already launched programs in the sciences, business, law, and liberal arts, with additional disciplines coming online in the near future.


Building A Legacy

Iraq future will be defined by global connections, an accelerated pace, swift change, and increasingly complex issues. It is essential to fulfill the need for leaders and achievers in today AUIB graduates will be global citizens who think critically, communicate effectively, act ethically, serve generously,and live fully environment.


Campaign Priorities


AUIB seeks to offer admission to talented young Iraqi students, regardless of their ability to pay for tuition and room/board. In many cases, a scholarship makes a difference between dream and reality.


Recruiting the best faculty is always challenging, even more so when it is necessary for talented professors to travel overseas. Endowed professorships support the university by encouraging excellence in teaching and providing significant opportunities for our faculty members.


STUDY ABROAD Your support will provide students with the opportunity to study abroad and acquire the international perspective that is required in today’s interconnected world.


Students today must have access to state-of-the-art technology and classrooms that enhance instruction, promote hands-on learning, and build innovators and explorers in many fields.

Capital Projects

As AUIB continues to redefine itself, our learning and living spaces must also be redefined and reimagined. Investing in our campus and facilities is essential for creating excellent learning experiences that will continue to attract the best students, faculty, and staff.


“Join us in building the future of AUIB. Together, we will create the next generation of leaders who help transform Iraq, the region, and the world ”

Dr. Michael W. Mulnix President