AUIB | Why Give to AUIB?

Why Give to AUIB?

The American University of Iraq – Baghdad (AUIB) began as a dream of influential individuals in Iraqi and United States business, industry and government who want to see a world-class institution of higher learning established in Baghdad, reminiscent of the days when the city was an educational and cultural mecca and the flourishing capital of the Muslim world.

AUIB has been specifically designed to deliver an American-style liberal arts education. This means our students are taught to think critically and to think for themselves. They are taught the importance of life-long learning. They are educated as “whole persons” which means they are taught a broad spectrum of courses in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, sciences, ethics, reasoning and more.

One of the primary goals of AUIB is to educate students as future global citizens with personal integrity, tolerance and respect for different cultures, races, religions, ethnicities and much more. The American style of education that AUIB provides is highly unique to this region.

AUIB is one of only three private, not-for-profit institutions of higher education in Iraq (including the Kurdistan region). What this means is that 100 percent of the revenue provided by tuition and fees is returned to the University. No profit is made by anyone. However, the gap between tuition and the cost of bringing well-qualified English-speaking professors to Iraq is large. To afford the high cost of providing a first-tier education means AUIB has to rely on private donations to pay for scholarships, programs and services.

On average, students will pay $8,000 to $20,000 each year to attend AUIB. To educate a single student each and every year is far higher than the actual tuition fees. This gap between tuition and cost is similar at virtually all of the world’s great institutions of higher learning: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford and many other top-tier universities. The #1 reason these universities are great is that they are able to attract private donations and thus can afford to build outstanding programs.

Please consider a gift to The American University of Iraq - Baghdad. It is an investment in the future of our nation and will help in providing outstanding young leaders for the region, resulting in political stability and economic growth.