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Academic Tuition

The American University of Iraq – Baghdad is a private, not-for-profit institution of higher learning that will formally open its doors in September, 2019. As in any other private university, students pay tuition and fees. Unlike Iraqi public universities, private institutions receive no subsidy from the government and, therefore, are required to pay all operational expenses through tuition/fees as well as through private donors, grants and gifts.

AUIB attempts to make tuition affordable for any and all students who desire to attend the University. With that in mind, the higher a student’s score on the Iraq Baccalaureate Exam, the lower the rate of tuition for that student. For example, those students who are in the top 2 percent of receive a full scholarship and do not pay any tuition at all. However, if your score on the exam is 72.4 or below, you will be required to pay the full tuition rate.

A number of other scholarships and grants are given by AUIB each year. Be sure to check the AUIB website for the very latest information or ask the Registrar’s office.

NOTE: Tuition is for one academic year, including fall and spring semesters. Full-time status is 30 credit hours per year. If a student attends only one semester or attends the summer session, then the amount will change accordingly. Students are awarded scholarships based on their incoming grade averages. Fractions will not be rounded up. Incoming grade averages are the baccalaureate percentage for graduates of Iraqi schools or the equivalent for graduates of international schools.

DEPOSITS: All students will be asked for a non-refundable tuition deposit of 50% of the total costs of the tuition. They may also be requirements for deposits for keys, lockers and other university property.

SUMMER SEMESTER: to be determined by March, every year.

ADDITIONAL FEES: AUIB reserves the right to introduce additional mandatory fees not originally listed in the enrollment agreement. Examples of such fees include IT fee, athletics fee, library fee, and etc.

Tuition Fees

Tuition rates for students admitted in 2019-2020 are set out below:

Colleges Tuition Fees
College of Arts & Science $8,000.00
College of Business $8,000.00
College of Education $8,000.00
College of Engineering $12,000.00
College of Global Policy & Public Affairs $8,000.00
College of Health Sciences (Dentistry and Pharmacy) $15,000.00
College of Law $8,000.00
College of Medicine $20,000.00
Department of Nursing $8,000.00
Department of Medical Analysis $8,000.00

(Please note that AUIB reserves the right to change the above without notice)


  • A non-refundable application fee of $150 must be paid when applying to AUIB.
  • All students are required to pay 50% of their fees upfront to secure a place at AUIB. Exception to students who are granted scholarships.
  • Books, stationery, and IT charges are excluded from the tuition fees.

AUIB reserves the right to change the tuition fees and to introduce any additional mandatory fees not listed above or in the enrollment agreement.