Greetings from the President

of the American University of Iraq - Baghdad

It is a distinct pleasure to welcome you to The American University of Iraq – Baghdad (AUIB). This institution is modelled after several of the most prestigious American-style universities in the world including the American University of Washington, DC; the American University of Cairo; the American University of Beirut; and the American University of Sharjah. AUIB will be a first-tier institution with the finest faculty and research facilities in the region.

What will it mean to graduate with a degree from AUIB? It means you will learn critical thinking skills and that you will become a highly educated, sophisticated global citizen. You will come to value the importance of lifelong learning. You will be comfortable in different cultural, political, and religious environments. You will make your parents, friends—and your nation—proud.

All courses at AUIB are taught in English and are co-educational. The English Language Academy (ELA) will be the premier language school in the region and will inspire first-class academic achievement. Once you pass the final level of English instruction, you will be fluent in reading, writing and speaking and will be entirely comfortable in your academic classes.

The Al-Faw Palace—near Baghdad International Airport—will be serve as the main university administration building. The smaller surrounding palaces/structures will be home to AUIB’s colleges including the College of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, College of Law, College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, College of Global Affairs & Public Policy, College of Education, College of Engineering & Architecture, College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, and the English Language Academy. In addition to undergraduate programs in these colleges, there will be graduate programs as well.

To be successful at AUIB, you will need to be Accountable, have Unity with your fellow students and instructors, prove your Integrity, and be Bold in your desire to succeed. You will be proud of your achievements and will have the knowledge necessary to get an important, meaningful job or perhaps continue on with your education and get a Master’s or Doctoral degree.

A sincere welcome to The American University of Iraq – Baghdad. I hope to see you on campus!

Michael W. Mulnix, PhD

Michael William Mulnix

Michael W. Mulnix, PhD