Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision



The English Language Academy will be the leading institute for English in Baghdad and will be staffed by a team of qualified, dedicated and experienced native speaking teachers from all around the world. Our communicative approach will not only encourage students to speak English, but will prepare them to enter into the academic world at the university level. The ELA will be based directly opposite the Al-Faw Palace complex and will host state-of-the-art classrooms and will form part of the American University of Iraq-Baghdad. Students will have access to all university facilities and be given support and guidance from our friendly faculty and staff. At the ELA, we take pride in delivering quality educational programs, using a dynamic approach that responds to student interests. In all of our program offerings, we encourage students to be active participants in their educational experience. We teach fundamental skills in a way that engages students to learn and that inspires the kind of creativity and confidence students need to succeed at university.

Our Program

We offer general English at beginner through mid-intermediate levels 1 to 5. Our high intermediate level through upper advanced levels 6 to 8 are academic English classes to ensure a smooth transition to university studies.

Each level is 7 weeks long and 20 hours per week. Students will have class schedules to choose from.

Joining the ELA

Contact the ELA concerning when to come for a placement test and registration.

The placement test consists of a friendly interview in English, a short multiple choice exam and, for more advanced levels, a short written exam.

Students will be placed in the appropriate level and after completing all 8 levels will be admitted to the university.