AUIB | College of Global Affairs and Public Policy

College of Global Affairs and Public Policy: Starting September of 2019

The College of Global Affairs and Public Policy will provide thought leadership in government and public policy studies and play a key role in making intellectual contributions to national identity and security. Academic strength in social and political studies will create a vibrant platform for engagement in dialogue and debate in key issues affecting the nation’s future.

Investing in the development of a globally recognized institutional identity will aid international relationships that will benefit Iraq’s national and global image. Programs in social and political studies produce graduates who contribute to a wide array of national priorities. As future thought-leaders, students develop skills leading to careers in public administration and social policy. Early emphasis will be placed on forging strong relationships with key government entities and agencies, thereby building collaborative relationships in relevant programs.

International organizations and institutions—including various embassies, consulates, official governmental agencies, NGOs, international businesses and more—will be key stakeholders in this College and these collaborations will contribute to building a strong international identity for the University as a whole. Academic expertise in this domain will help reinforce a national vision and values.

College Departments will include:

  • Security and Strategic Studies
  • International Relations
  • Public Policy
  • Diplomacy