AUIB | College of Medicine

College of Medicine

Perhaps the most ambitious of all the Colleges at AUIB will be the College of Medicine which will include a new 200-bed teaching hospital. The mission of the College of Medicine is to promote and improve the health of the citizens of Iraq by advancing health and biomedical sciences through the highest quality education, patient care, research excellence and community service. We will pursue innovation and national and international leadership by preparing health sciences professionals for practicing tomorrow’s medicine and encouraging them to practice in Iraq and the MENA region, including underserved communities; targeting efforts in health and biomedical sciences research to support our strengths and our mission and to respond to the needs of the citizens of the entire region; and integrating education and research to foster cost effective health care and outreach programs.

Our top priority will be to maintain a distinguished faculty and provide resources to assure excellence in education, patient care and research programs.

The AUIB College of Medicine will offer several major educational programs including, but not limited to:

  • a doctor of medicine (MD program)
  • a combined MD/PhD program
  • residencies and fellowships (Graduate Medical Education)
  • educational opportunities for physicians in practice (Center for Continuing Education)

AUIB Hospital

A new 200-bed teaching hospital will provide state-of-the-art technology to enhance the ability of faculty to provide exemplary education for health care professionals of the future. The hospital will add significant value to the College of Medicine and College of Health Sciences and will be dedicated to improving the overall health of not only the residents of Baghdad but the entire MENA region by delivering comprehensive health care to patients, excellence in medical education, and superior and innovative research.

The hospital will be home to faculty from the College of Medicine and College of Health Sciences (nursing, dentistry and pharmacy). The ultimate goal of the AUIB health program is to become one of the leading medical centers in the MENA region. AUIB will significantly increase medical services so that the largest possible number of constituents are served with the highest caliber of health care. The two AUIB medical colleges will develop the strongest possible academic programs backed up with a superior teaching hospital.

Goals of the two health colleges and the hospital include:

  • Providing outstanding patient-centered care.
  • Recruiting only top-tier international faculty and staff to ensure excellence in teaching, research and service.
  • Establishing superior partnerships and collaborations with other regional and international health care facilities and faculty.
  • Establishing top-tier clinical and research Centers of Excellence thereby allowing superior medical education.
  • Ensuring access to care to all in need. AUIB health colleges will be committed to providing health care to the entire regional community, particularly for those with limited means and resources and those impacted by the violence in the region over the past several decades.