AUIB | Admission To ELA


Tuition for 2018/2019 is presented in the table below. The tuition is subject to change.

Levels Fee
Level 1 – 8 $800 per level
Discount for level repeats 12.5%

Admission to ELA

How to apply

  • Complete your application form online.
  • Attach a photocopy of your passport or Iraqi identity card.

New Students to AUIB:

AUIB uses its own English placement test as its primary English placement exam for admissions in the ELA and the Academy placement. English placement exam results for new students are final and determines the appropriate level in the ELA.

All applicants are free to come to the ELA for a free placement test whether or not they have taken the IELTS or TOEFL to determine his or her level in either our General English or the English for Academic Purposes programs. Contact the Admissions office or the ELA for a time and place for placement testing. Our placement test is quick and easy and consists of an oral interview, a short objective test, and, for higher levels, a written test.