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The AUIB Core Liberal Arts Program (CLAP)

The Core Liberal Arts Program (CLAP) sets AUIB apart most other colleges and universities in the region. The concept of “liberal studies” in the arts and sciences dates back to the origins of higher education in the United States. By “liberal studies” we mean the acquisition of knowledge for the benefit of intellectual growth – as contrasted with technical or professional skills. The purpose of having a foundation in liberal arts is to provide students with multi-disciplinary preparation in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences, thereby allowing them to pursue careers in education, business, government, and more. The primary goal of a liberal studies foundation is therefore to train students to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, to develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving, and to infuse critical thinking with ethical thought. Courses in liberal studies give students a broad understanding of various academic fields of interest. In other words, a liberal studies curriculum will provide students at AUIB with a base of general knowledge that will allow them to excel in specialized fields of inquiry.

According to the American Academy for Liberal Education, a core curriculum in liberal arts will include interdisciplinary programs in the arts and sciences, programs of study in the histories and heritages of Western and non-Western civilizations, global and trans-cultural studies, ethnic and area studies, musical and theatrical appreciation and performance, and more.

A liberal education—including, for example, philosophy, art and sociology as well as math and physics—educates the whole person and programs in creative writing, and prepares students to excel in a range of careers and, most importantly, to live lives rich with meaning and purpose. A liberal-arts education teaches students to learn how to learn and inspires them to go on learning throughout their lives.

Integrating liberal studies in the arts and sciences with knowledge focused in specific disciplines will help students cultivate their own intellect and imagination. Students at AUIB will become creative and independent thinkers. They will acquire valuable skills in critical thinking and effective communication across a broad range of academic areas. Students will obtain a breadth of knowledge and insights that will help them excel in any career in our highly competitive, global society.

What Courses Will You Take in the CLAP?

The CLAP is the common curriculum that all students at AUIB take. Although CLAP courses are offered throughout a students’ four-year undergraduate studies, most of these courses will be completed in the first year of studies. A liberal arts education at AUIB mandates that all students take basic courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. These courses will encourage students to love learning and to continue that passion for the rest of their lives.

CLAP courses include:

  • Western Civilization
  • Eastern Civilization
  • College Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Pre-Calculus
  • World Literature I
  • World Literature II
  • Creative Writing
  • Environmental Science
  • Computer Science

NOTE: Students may complete designated CLAP courses while enrolled in Levels 6, 7, and 8 of the English Language Program.